Company Profile

Sino-European was established in June 2004 in the Ningbo Zhenhai Recycling Park. Our company is a 100% foreign-invested company held by a Dutch enterprise specialising in international trade and processing of recyclable resources.

Our investor, Huiskes Metaal, has a more than 70-year history in the metal recycling business and possesses a solid financial background. Huiskes Metaal decided to invest in Sino-European for the following reasons:

The opportunity to create new business possibilities for our customers and suppliers.
The possibility of providing better service and prices to our suppliers.
The promising growth prospects of the Chinese market.

Sino-European is different to all the other scrap dealers in the Chinese market. Our
management is organised according to European methods, which improves the service we provide to our suppliers. We are differentiated from our competitors by the fact that we offer special services to our suppliers. Industrial clients in particular use our services to develop their business in China. Dealers also visit our yard on a regular basis to find new possibilities and opportunities in the Chinese market.

Sino-European Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. has a large processing yard and employs around 100 workers. We process all the scrap materials ourselves, which ensures that we can obtain the best possible results from the material, and we can provide our customers with the best-quality recycled materials.